Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Hello again.

Just to let everyone know there will be another meeting on June 18th at 7pm (Katie's house). If you haven't received an e-mail but would like to come please contact edmonton.crafty (at) gmail (dot) com. Thanks everyone! Hope to see you there.

Monday, April 17, 2006

I just want to thank everyone who came out to the meeting tonight. It was lots of fun (even though I was a zombie for most of it, I promise to be more alert next time). I didn't manage to get any pictures of the group at work, or at craft as the case may be. A by-product of me misplacing my digital camera.

This time around we did a small table-go-round on what we each know how to do, what we would like to learn, and what we are working on right now. We followed this with some awesome random making of little things. These great little things will eventually adorn a lovely recessed photo frame with our logo and motto "Learn, Create, Share".

Next time around we will be putting everything in the frame (which was donated by the dashing Jeanette and everything in the frame is just a pile of things that everyone brought to the table. I think some people even learned a little while we were working). After the putting together of things we will just be working on projects that we bring over. I know we all have things we have on our minds to get done, and as one attendee mentioned (though I merely paraphrase, no direct quotes from me) "It's better to craft with a group of people than with the tv". Especially when it's such a spiffy group of people.

I figured I would post the next meeting time and date now before I forget.

So for all of you who are interested it's going to be taking place on May 13th at 5.30pm. It'll be at my (Katie's) house again. If you need the address feel free to e-mail me at

Sunday, April 16, 2006


Hey, there will be a meeting on Monday the 17th. It's going to be happening at 6.30pm at Katie's place.

If you're interested feel free to e-mail for more information.

Perhaps there will be a photo update after the meeting, we shall see if I remember my camera.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

First Meeting

Hey everyone,

I just thought I would let people on here know that the Anarchist
Women's Craft Collective is having it's first official meeting on
March 16th. It'll be at my house at 7pm (e-mail me for the address, I'm a little leery of posting it on here for all to see). If anyone has questions or needs the directions to my place feel free to e-mail me ( or call (439-8235). This meeting will be to establish a few ground rules for the collective, cover what types of activities we as a group want to focus on, etc. As well as anything else people think is relevant to the group. Thanks!
And feel free to pass this along to anyone you think is interested,
the more the merrier.


Monday, February 27, 2006

Okay, I (katherine.m) have returned from my trip to San Jose. So I suppose it's time to get started with this thing. This is a call out for all Edmonton crafters interested in getting involved with the Anarchist Women's Craft Collective. Feel free to get in touch with us at Once we get an idea of people who are interested we will call a meeting to figure out how this will work best for everyone.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

This is what we've come up with as far as logo's go. And now I can post pictures. Today has been a success.

crafty logo Posted by Picasa

Test post

This is just a test. I will fix everything up later when I get a chance.